Monday, April 4, 2011

Life's Compass

In this life we come across many different things, How we handle them is what makes the differents. I believe that if you truly fallow your heart, hold Christ first and self last with prayer. You will only go down the road that Christ would have you go. Keep your heart pure loving others more than your self and it will be the best  compass you could ever have. 
If you have the holy spirit that is one way he speaks to you. When you aline your  compass daily and we have a way,  reading Gods word you will keep your compass true. That is why I can say all this with confidence. Thankfully Christ also died for us and in doing that he put grace on this earth. so in those times when our compass is not aliened we have a forgiving father. If we fallow our heart we will uncover our true self. If you can't have that then maybe we need to change. If you have Christ living in you then who do you think people will see?

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